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We Have Successfully Used Our Platform to Find a Treatment for COVID-19

We found and validated the drug target CDK6 in only 3 months.

CDK6 Inhibition

Inhibiting CDK6 prevents the immune system from overreacting and attacking the patient's lungs. Targeting CDK6 allows for the a precise treatment of those vulnerable to COVID-19 - independent of the variant or mutation of the virus.

Ready for Clinical Trials

Key opinion leaders from Harvard Medical School and the top German institution believe in the potential of this approach. In-vitro evidence and case studies show efficacy and safety. We are now advancing the drug to a clinical trial phase 2b.

Due to the world wide shortage of Actemra (Tocilizumab), the medicine given to the most severe COVID patients, alternative treatments, like CDK6 inhibitors, are more important than ever.

Clinical Trials

A Bold New Approach to Antivirals

Our Host Directed Approach

Host Reaction

(Increased neutrophil count)


Host Reaction Prevention and Mutation/Variant Targeting with a Host-Directed Approach

Our host-directed approach targets the driver of virus-induced immunopathology .

Unlike traditional antivirals that target the virus itself, this approach works for new mutations and variants and even other respiratory illnesses.

We learn how to prevent the host reaction, i.e. what protein to inhibit, from applying our machine learning platform to large genetic data.

We Got There via Fully Synthetic Trials

  • Not a single costly wet lab study was undertaken.

  • Not a single patient was recruited.

  • Biobank data only - this is the future.