Faster than traditional drug development.


Wetlab experiments. Patients needed until P2.


Better models than PRS.


Assets currently in development in pipeline.


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Mon Oct 04 2021

Treatment for COVID-19 Ready for Clinical Trials Phase 2b

Our treatment aims to prevent the dangerous overreaction of the immune system that results in patients becoming critically ill due to COVID-19. Using Biobank data, we identified CDK6 as a drug target. Inhibiting it will lower neutrophil cell count, which, when too high, is strongly linked with the severe and critical course of COVID-19. This potential treatment has been endorsed by Key Opionion Leaders from Harvard Medical School, Germany’s Robert-Koch-Institute and the University of Marburg. We are preparing a clinical phase 2b trial to show efficacy.

Tue Oct 05 2021

Biotx BEYOND Webinar 2

In our latest webinar we discuss the future of clinical trials. John Zibert, CEO of Studies&Me talks about how his company conducts decentralized, virtual clinical trials. Our own Justin Cope then presents the technology behind biotx.ai, which is able to discover drug targets with a high likelihood of success in clinical trials.