Drug Target Linkage

Genetic linkage enables finding effective drugs previously undiscovered for treatment


Prioritize candidates with a high likelihood of success

Time and Cost Saving

Reduce the time and resources spent to get an approved drug

Drug Repurposing

Use existing drugs for new indications

Patient Stratification

Precisely/Efficiently finding the patients needed for clinical trials

The success of clinical trials depends on being certain that the patient you recruit actually have the disease that your treatment targets.

Eliminate Uncertainty

Eliminate Uncertainty Selecting patients based on phenotypes alone can be inaccurate and put the success of a study at risk.

Polygenic Footprints

Patient stratification based on polygenic disease patterns ascertains that the right patients end up in the trial.

AI-Driven Diagnostics

Our complex polygenic markers allow for price diagnostics at scale.

Away From Break and Fix

Traditionally diseases are treated when their effects become noticeable. At that point irreversible damage has been done.

Towards Predict and Prevent

We find the patterns that cause diseases early, allowing patients to receive treatment that prevents them from ever manifesting their illness.